Saving lives for posterity is likened to ensuring safety is paramount, the world in which we live today is plaque by various forms of disasters ranging from natural and man made disasters. Its is important to note that no matter your profession, knowledge, discipline or vocation, disaster management is everyone’s business. Nigeria, like the rest of the world, is exposed to a wide range of natural or human induced disasters. While some of these disasters are rapid, others are slow-onset, resulting in catastrophic situations leading to loss of lives and property, degradation of environment. These disasters occur in form of drought, desertification, flooding, epidemics, coastal erosion, dam failure, building collapse, oil spillage, maritime collision or accident, bomb explosion, communal clash, terrorism/insurgency, fire, air crashes and boat mishap, amongst others.

Membership of IDMSS is one sure way to greatness. The greatest of men, are those whose sacrifice to humanity is immeasurable. No matter your education, discipline or professional experience, IDMSS training improves SAFETY, reduces LOSSES, creates ESPRIT-DE-CORPS, LIFE AND PROPERTY. Hence, disaster management is the coordination and integration of all activities necessary to build, sustain and improve the capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to and recover from threatening or actual natural or human-induced disasters. Membership of this premier disaster management professional body affords members realistic employment and career opportunities within governmental departments, international organizations, local and international non-governmental organization. In addition, there are job prospects in military and para-military.


All IDMSS members enjoy the benefits of networking with audience and over 50,000 professional members globally through our continuous professional management trainings and capacity building, sensitization and advocacy workshops. Members understand the changing role of safety; understand the skills of disaster risk, security, conflict and crisis management. So Position yourself to advance your career with our CERTIFICATION and PROFESSIONALISM to gain an attractive highlight on your career and resume!

The programme is designed to prepare participants for work in all sphere of human development. These includes; emergency and safety, development in a community, local government, youth/adult education, NGO setting, military and para-military. It offers learners an opportunity to builds skills, especially in relation to disaster, security and safety research, leadership and working with groups and in the planning, management and evaluation of development projects. Finally, the INSTITUTE OF DISASTER MANAGEMENT AND SAFETY SCIENCE (IDMSS), has the responsibility to develop a new breed of disaster, security and safety management professionals to encourage, advance and disseminate knowledge, education, practical training and research in disaster, risk and safety management in Nigeria.