Institute of Disaster Management and Safety Science (IDMSS)

The Institute of Disaster Management and Safety Science (IDMSS) with RC:1426052 is a certified and duly registered not for profit professional body with the Companies and Allied Matter Act (CAMA) CAP. C20 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN) 2004. The Institute is authorized by National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), approved by Federal Ministry of Education (FME) and Federal Ministry of Justice (FMJ).

The Institute is dedicated to furthering the study and practice of Disaster Management and Safety Science through an all-round training, providing the broadest possible range of disaster, security and safety management training and consultancy to the general public both local and internationally. It cut across all fields of endeavour whether sciences, art or social sciences, hence all lives are precious.

The institute is intended to foster and promote professionalism and academic research in disaster, security and safety management as it affects national issues; promote academic collaboration around the world; facilitate joint projects and research opportunities among scholars, researchers, and graduate students through well-organized symposia and timely initiatives among professionals. In addition, the institute is committed to facilitating dialogue and resource-sharing between the experts and national communities-to their mutual advantage.

The institute assumes a truly responsible task of training and increasing the professional competence of disaster, security and safety manager and inspiring would-be executives in the business of saving lives and building futures in accordance with up-to-date standards, laws and disaster management techniques required to meet the challenging tasks and priorities of the demanding society.

Through the Institute range of services and networking, IDMSS members enjoys and take advantage of building a professional link that promotes national flows and creates new opportunities and support for disaster, security and safety management. In addition, through selected events such as training and development, roundtable conferences, workshops and seminars, the institute is aimed at creating a platform where both local and global experts meet to dialogue ways and means in building peaceful and co-existing mechanism for a disaster free and safe environment.


To be a world class Professional Institute, best reference and key player in positioning disaster management and safety science experts in Nigeria and Africa for disaster risk reduction, capacity building, research, security and safety management, peace building and partnership through collaborative effort, economic growth and empowerment.


To build capacity and skills in the practice of disaster management and safety science in accordance with current international standards through research, education, training, induction and professional programmes